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Uses of Wigs

If you’re dealing with hair loss or thinning hair due to the fact your remedy for breast cancer includes chemotherapy, complete mind radiation, or tamoxifen, you will be curious about trying out a wig.

Wigs can conceal hair loss and — relying on the style, period, and color you choose — assist you appearance more like you probably did earlier than treatment or provide an entire new look. They can also defend your scalp from the sun and from cold air.

Many ladies locate that sporting a wig offers them a feel of normalcy and consistency in the course of cancer remedy. A wig can also offer some privateness in that it could save you people from asking questions about your look and analysis. Some like to test and have a laugh with exceptional wig styles and hues, or to trade wearing a wig and different head coverings, which includes hats, turbans, or scarves.

Not certain if a wig is right for you or wherein to start searching out one? On this page, you may study where to buy a wig or get one at no cost, how to pick one that suits you, a way to take care of a wig, and extra.
How to prepare for a wig

If you observed you would possibly want to get a wig, it’s useful to take some steps to put together before you begin chemotherapy or some other remedy that could motive human hair wig loss. For instance:

Find or take more than one pics of your chosen hairstyle. This will make it less difficult to discover a wig that’s closest on your coloration, period, and style if you make a decision that’s what you need.
Cut your hair brief. It's much less stressful to lose quick clumps of hair than lengthy ones, and it is simpler to healthy a wig over much less hair. Also, if you get used to short hair, you received’t need to wait as lengthy at the same time as your hair is growing returned to experience like your self.

Consider picking out a wig earlier than you start a remedy that could reason hair loss. You’ll have extra strength, and you could get used to sporting the wig in trial periods, alternating along with your very own hair.
Where to get a wig

How do you discover a wig? There are a number of options:

At a wig save. You can get hints for neighborhood wig shops or specialists through breast cancer companies, your clinic’s most cancers middle, or via your hairdresser. Some wig experts come to your home to provide additional privateness.
Online. Like maximum matters in recent times, you can keep for a wig on line. Online stores have a big choice of wigs in every shade, period, and fashion. Some offer consultations over the smartphone or thru email to help you find the right style for you. This can also be a terrific option in case you’d prefer greater privacy while choosing your wig.
Through a charity program. Instead of purchasing for a wig (and probably getting reimbursed for some or all the value via your health insurance corporation), you could want to look at getting a wig totally free through packages of the American Cancer Society or other nonprofit companies (see “Covering the fee of a wig” below for greater information).

Wherever you make a decision to shop for a wig, be sure to discover about return and trade rules in advance. You may also need to try on numerous wigs at home and go back a number of them, or you may determine after trying some on which you don’t need to opt for a wig in any respect. So, it’s useful to understand if there might be restocking expenses or different barriers on returns.

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