Friday, September 24

The best 3 place to Install spy Cameras

People nowadays have become so dependent on technology that everything is just a touch away, be it switching on any appliance or looking for some answers on Google. So, when it comes to personal safety everyone is similarly looking for something which is simple and is just a touch away. With the evolution of technology and passage of time, most of the people find security systems are more authentic than security guards. Plus, it’s a one-time investment and even if there is a need to upgrade, it would be in some two to three years, so not a big deal there.

But thinking that installing surveillance cameras on any random spots would completely protect a property and the people is a misconception. Even the type of camera for a specific purpose depends on the location where it is going to be installed. For instance, there are several types such as vandal proof security cameras, weather resistant cameras, night-vision cameras which are the best option depending upon their unique features.

Once you have decided which camera is apt for your abode and surrounding, you then need to make sure that what are the strategic places to install the surveillance system so that every important whereabout is captured. This is because if the placement of the surveillance cameras is wrong, they might not be as effective as you think they can be.

So, let’s discuss the three important places where you should install a surveillance system one by one.

1. Front and Back Entrances

Whether we are talking about the front entrance or the back entrance, both points are equally vulnerable for break-ins. Besides that, you must have read or heard that every now and then someone somewhere barged in by destroying or damaging the front/back doors. This is quite common and infamous way of breaking in. So, don’t lay back when it comes to guarding the entrances. Pay extra attention and be proactive by placing the surveillance cameras on both the front entrance and the back entrance.

The intruders are not going to shy away from breaking the doors, so better make accessing a little difficult by placing an alarm system along with a security camera to monitor the doors. In case someone breaks in, the alarm will be buzzed and the concerned authorities would be informed immediately. Also, the footage from the spy camera will act as a visual proof of the incident.

2. Exterior entries and Backyard

A backyard is something we are least concerned about when it comes to security. Being precise, we ignore securing areas that are not in front of our eyes or on our priority list. Backyard is not considered as a critical area to monitor as there are not many valuable items in this area. But, backyard is equally accessible to intruders as any other place in your home. And, a backyard is much more vulnerable to a break-in at night. Installing a camera that is equipped with night-vision will provide enhanced security in this area.

Similarly, exterior entries like rare windows, garage, and so on require continuous monitoring. These are entries which we skip most of the time and entrance from these places mostly goes undetected. A thief can easily access these places for entering and after he is done would make use of this same place for his exit. Therefore, installing surveillance cameras in these places makes perfect sense. Besides that, make sure to lock these properly when you are away from home and when they are not required.

3. Baby’s room

Security of your baby’s place is as important as the security of any other place of your humble abode. Installing a system in their room will help you keep check on their movements, records, and stores the video. In case nanny is looking after your baby, then you can keep eye on them as well.

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